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Hottest musical equipment in demand – CEO, Auxell Musical Equipment

The Chief Executive Officer of Auxell Musical Equipment company, Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samuel has identified the hottest selling musical equipment in Nigeria. During a recent interview he lists the hottest musical equipment in demand.

“Currently Auxell Musical Equipment receives about the same amount of requests for guitar, bass, drums, keys, and Saxophones, but what we have observed to be on the rise in recent times especially in Nigeria is the amount of studio equipment and DJ equipment,” he began

“The majority of the demands we receive at Auxell Musical for the past four years now is the setting up of professional and home studios and the demands are going all out and purchasing the top-shelf equipment. There has not been a single month in a year when there are no sales for studio equipment and DJ equipment,” he added.

Speaking further, he gave the statistics on the world scale, expressing huge optimism for the sector.

Auxell Musical Equipment which runs under the brand name of Auxell Professional Sound System was founded by Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samuel in 2015. Growing in leaps and bounds the brand has become a top player in the industry, delivering solutions to musical needs of studio owners and musical artists.

Prompted by the boom and vibrancy of the music industry, Chukwudebelu Elochukwu Samue started his business by importing musical equipment. And today his company is rated the largest musical equipment store in Nigeria.

The Auxell Musical Equipment company is situated in the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria. They sell all kinds of musical equipment like DJ equipment, studio gadgets, club sound management and many more.

“I’m happy to announce to you that my company is the No.1 leading / largest musical equipment online store in Nigeria presently with so many awards on merit (@auxellmusical). Social media has helped me to build and expand my brand. I can boldly tell you this, “I make more sales on Instagram more than my two stores,” he said.

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