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The M-Audio AIR 192 6 Audio Interface has a range of powerful features that help you get the most out of your music recording at home or out in the field. Just plug in the unit to your USB-C or USB port and experience clean, clear, and transparent sound.


Regardless of what you do - the AIR 192 6 allows you to record into your DAW with high clarity. You can either record them with a microphone or send a line instrument straight in. With a range of software to get you started and enough controls to satisfy even the most demanding task, you won't be disappointed with what the AIR 192 6 offers.

M-Audio AIR 192/6 Audio Interface

    • 4-bit/192kHz resolution for professional recording and monitoring
    • Hi-speed USB circuitry for fastest connection, with a class-leading round-trip latency of 2.59ms*
    • Transparent Crystal™ preamps and ultra-pristine A/D converters for unsurpassed audio recording quality
    • VU LED meters for dialling in the perfect level
    • Flexible inputs: (2) XLR+¼-inch TRS combo or ¼-inch instrument inputs
    • 5-pin MIDI input/output for connecting virtually any external MIDI gear
    • Stereo ¼-inch outs; ¼-inch headphone out with independent level control
    • Rugged metal chassis; large central control for easy volume adjustment
    • USB/Direct knob for balancing between the input signal and the computer signal
    • 2-in/2-out 24-bit recording and high speed connectivity - housed in a sleek unit
    • Transparent preamps gives you incredibly clean sound
    • On-board VU meters provide you with a quick reference of audio levels
    • Rugged housing protects against impact and makes the AIR 192 very portable

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