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The M-Audio BX8 D3 is the latest addition to the M-Audio BX family and the most powerful model to date. Optimised for a smooth and natural listening experience, these speakers are perfect for professionals, beginners, and everyone in between. With BX8 D3 Experience sound quality you can trust and discover premium, accurate and defined sound reproduction. Custom Class A/B analogue amplifiers with 150W of distributed power deliver superior dynamics and tonal accuracy across the frequency spectrum—while the woven Kevlar low-frequency drivers and computer optimised waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeters provide rich, defined sound. Plus, adapt BX8 D3 to your listening environment thanks to an on-board Acoustic Space Control that tailors the sound-output accurately to your studio space for optimum results. Whether you’re seeing a pro-grade monitoring upgrade or a trusted reference monitor, with the BX8 D3, you’ll enjoy the utmost accuracy you demand coupled with a fatigue-free, engaging listening experience.

M-Audio BX8 D3 | Professional 2-Way 8" Active Studio Monitor Speakers


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