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The Impact GX61 is a great entry into the world of Nektar controllers. It offers a no-fuss interface and generic MIDI control that works with any computer music application. What's more, this compact instrument includes powerful functionality not even found on more comprehensive controllers: The included Nektar DAW Integration software turns it into a fully-configured remote control for 11 popular DAWs. So give the mouse a break and control transport functions as well as project navigation directly from dedicated hardware controls. Capture your ideas while they are fresh!


  • 61 note full-size velocity sensitive keyboard
  • Connect via USB to Windows, OSX, Linux or iOS devices
  • Foot switch sustain socket (1/4" jack)
  • Works with all MIDI music applications
  • Nektar DAW Integration for most popular DAWs



With its 61 note, full-size velocity sensitive keyboard you are ready to make music in seconds. Plug in the included MIDI cable and your operating system, whether Windows, OSX or iOS, takes care of the rest. Choose between 4 velocity curves (+3 fixed) to adjust the keyboard to your playing style. Dynamic and expressive, the keybed is calibrated for all styles of music.



Four dedicated LED buttons for octave and transpose let you quickly shift the keyboard up or down. The LEDs change colour to indicate the set interval or octave. Transpose can be reassigned to switch MIDI channels or send MIDI program changes. Offering just the right resistance, the pitch bend & modulation wheels are great for applying additional articulation to your playing. The Modulation Wheel is MIDI-assignable.



Eight buttons and a large potentiometer are at the centre of the Impact GX. Used with Nektar DAW Integration, they will let you operate your DAW from Impact GX without reaching for the mouse. The buttons can also be assigned to MIDI messages for use with any MIDI software that's not supported by Nektar DAW integration. Using shift, each button can be assigned to two MIDI messages for a total of 14 programmable options. The potentiometer is pre-assigned to MIDI volume, but is also freely assignable.

Nektar, 61-Key MIDI Controller, 61 Keys (GX61)


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