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The Volt 4 USB again features four input channels and 24-bit/ 192 kHz, although only two of these channels feature analogue preamps and Vintage Mic Preamp mode, with two more jack inputs at the back. It also is USB bus powered for recording on-the-go.

Vibe-rich tube-emulation circuitry, pristine pro-grade conversion, MIDI ports, and an impressive bundle of music production software make the Universal Audio Volt 4 portable 4x4 audio interface a top-notch yet affordable win for quality-conscious collaborators, vocalists, musicians, and even content creators such as podcasters and livestreamers. Attractive, sturdy, and compact, this USB Type-C interface can be either bus-powered by a computer-based home studio or powered via the included power supply for on-the-go recording with your iPad or iPhone.     

Plug mics, guitars, or synths into the Volt 4's two mic preamps, and press the Vintage switches to impart the pleasing character of an emulated UA vintage 610 tube preamp to your voice or instrument. Two rear-panel 1/4" inputs are available for extra line-level sources such as outboard preamps. Direct monitoring lets you hear yourself with no distracting latency; and there are separate volume controls for the speaker and headphone outputs.

Universal Audio bundled the Volt 4 with versatile and creativity-inspiring software including the popular Ableton Live Lite DAW, UJAM virtual instruments, Melodyne pitch correction, and high-end processors for mixing, mastering, and transforming ideas into polished productions.

Best-In-Class Sound for Collaboration

From the team that brought you the game-changing Apollo interface, Volt 4 delivers superior 24-bit / 192 kHz studio sound quality, with character and tone far beyond its class.

Classic Vocal Tone

Few sounds can compare to a vintage Universal Audio 610 tube preamp, as used to record everyone from Ray Charles to Van Halen. Volt 4 gives you the rich, full sound of this classic UA mic/line/instrument preamp, thanks to its built-in tube emulation circuitry, a UA exclusive.

Easy In, Easy Out

Volt 4 gives you simple 4-in / 4-out audio connections. Just plug mics, guitars, or synths into the two XLR-1/4" combo jacks on the front panel—48V phantom power is available for condenser microphones. Hook up additional line-level sources such as external mic preamps or drum machines to the two rear-panel 1/4" inputs.


Connect your beat machine or keyboard controller to the MIDI 5-pin ports on the rear panel to easily integrate them with your setup. Then plug in your speakers or headphones via 1/4" sockets to monitor your audio with no latency. 

Versatile Monitoring

With two 1/4" monitor outputs and four 1/4" line outs, the Volt 4 can feed speakers as well as outboard gear. Build a custom monitor mix by choosing any of the input/output pairs on the top panel, and toggle between monitoring in mono or stereo at the push of a button. There are separate volume-control knobs for the headphones and the monitor outputs


UA Volt 4 USB Audio Interface


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