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The 64-channel 48 kHz bi-directional audio interface brings even more I/O options to the WING by making it ready for integration with Dante enabled IP networks. Dante is a proprietary AoIP solution from Audinate, which also complies with the AES67 standard for improved interoperability. It uses either standard 100Mbit/s or Gigabit Network infrastructure with DSCP-based QoS, with support for mixed sample and bit rates coexisting on the same network. The WING-DANTE card utilizes 24-bit signal transmission with sample-accurate synchronization and low latency, ensuring the highest audio integrity. Its secondary input allows you to set up a seamless, redundant network access.

WING Expansion Card for 64x64-Channel Audinate Dante AoIP Networking

    • 64-channel 48 kHz, bi-directional audio interface for Dante* IP networks

    • Low-latency 24-bit signal transmission with sample-accurate synchronization

    • Allows interfacing with standard 100 MBit/s or Gigabit network infrastructure with DSCP-based QoS

    • Mixed sample and bit rates can coexist on the same Dante network

    • WING remote control possible on the same network, using the integrated Ethernet switch

    • Audinate* Dante Controller application with full control over configuration and signal routing among all Dante-enabled devices

    • Dante Virtual Soundcard allows employing your PC or Mac* for IP-based multitrack recording and playback of up to 64 channels (license optionally available at

    • Secondary connection can be configured for seamless redundant audio networking