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PSR-SX600 offers professional features and content at an affordable price, making it an ideal choice for performers, hobbyists, or budding songwriters alike. With intuitive control and high-quality sound, the PSR-SX600 provides everything you need to get started using an arranger workstation keyboard.

Let your music take you to new places

Voice & Style Expansion Packs enable you to customize the PSR-SX600 with a wide range of additional content from all over the world. When loaded into the keyboard, you can instantly access authentic new sounds, rhythms and backing in the musical style of your choice.

Use Yamaha Expansion Manager to create individual expansion data sets containing content from various packs and utilize the 100MB memory on board. You can even create your own voices based on your sample library.

  • See Voice & Style Expansion 
  • See Yamaha Expansion Manager 

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    Musical Instruments

    Keyboard Instruments

    Digital and Arranger Workstations





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