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Arturia MiniFuse Recording Pack — USB Audio Interface Bundle with Condenser Microphone, Headphones, and Creative Software for Recording, Streaming, and Podcasting

Beginner music makers, content creators, producers with limited space, musicians on a budget - whoever you are, enjoy an affordable, easy, pro-grade recording bundle for vocals, instruments, and any audio you need.


Quick recording

Record your vocal tracks, musical sketches, instrumental audio, and anything else right out the box. This bundle has everything you need to get your sound out there.

Handy studio solution

A plug-and-play interface bundle that connects you, your computer, your voice, your MIDI gear, and more - your compact studio hub.



What’s included?

1 MiniFuse 2

2-in/2-out audio & MIDI interface

2 Microphone

CM1 cardioid mic, including shockmount & pop filter

3 Headphones

EF1 closed-back, low-noise design, including adapter

4 XLR cable

3m length for easy mic setup

Arturia MiniFuse Recording Pack


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