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The TRUTH B2031A is the substantially improved successor to best-selling B2031. It is a high-resolution, active 2-way reference studio monitor with XLR and 1/4in TRS servo balanced inputs that delivers very neutral sound and has an extremely flat frequency response (50 Hz - 21 kHz). It includes built-in 150- and 75-Watt power amps with enormous power reserve plus separately controlled limiters for low and high frequency overload protection.Tight, deep bass is provided by a long-throw 8 3/4in woo

Behringer Truth B2031A 8.75 inch Powered Studio Monitor

    • Room Compensation EQ (each)
    • Ultra-high resolution ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
    • Ultra high-resolution ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
    • Adjustable to a wide range of acoustic conditions and subwoofer operation