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The Nektar SE49 compact MIDI keyboard offers intuitive operation and excellent compatibility with almost all popular DAW software on the market. The model features two movable Pitch bend/Modulation wheels and four Octave/Transpose +- buttons. The keys are not only suitable for working in the recording studio and creating podcasts, but you will also appreciate them when playing live and arranging your new recordings.

The Nektar SE49 features 49 responsive keys with four dynamic modes. The Octave/Transpose buttons let you use the full range of a classical piano, and the 30mm Volume fader lets you conveniently set corrections in your software's virtual mixing desk. The control panel then features rotary potentiometers and software control buttons, so you won't need a mouse or keyboard anymore, you can do everything directly from the keys. The rear panel includes a USB output to a PC or laptop and a 6.3mm TS jack for connecting a sustain pedal. Included in the package is the BITWIG 8-Track DAW software, which will introduce you to the world of digital instruments and familiarize you with all the possibilities of MIDI keys. The keys can also be plugged into iOS devices, so you can play via your iPad, to which you can download a MIDI-enabled music app.



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