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Expanding Your Performance - Simplified!
Compact and feature-packed - the Alesis SamplePad 4 is an all-in-one percussion and sample-playing instrument perfect for drummers, musicians, producers and live performers. It comes equipped with four responsive, LED-illuminated rubber pads, dual zone trigger input and eight preset kits. With a built-in library of the most commonly requested percussion and electronic drum sounds and the ability to load samples, the only limit is your imagination. For even more flexibility, you can tune and add reverb to your sounds. Intuitive navigation makes it easy to browse through your kits and you can drag & drop your samples via USB on a Mac or PC without removing your SD card. Adding something new to your next performance has never been this easy.

Express Yourself
Capture every subtle nuance of your performance with SamplePad 4’s four velocity sensitive pads - whether it’s drum sounds, loops or one-shot melodics, this performance pad guarantees maximum expressive capability!

Superior Sound Content
Right-out-the-box, SamplePad doesn’t disappoint. Preloaded with a built-in library of the 25 most commonly requested percussion and electronic drum sounds, mapped across 8 ready-to-play kits, SamplePad offers immediate creative potential from the get-go!

Customise your Sound In 3 Easy Steps
Looking to add some custom sounds to your performance? SamplePad 4 is the solution you have been looking for. Load up a standard SD card with your select samples, insert your SD card into SamplePad 4 and assign your samples to the pads - it’s that easy!

Alesis Sample Pad 4 | Compact Percussion and Sample Triggering Instrument


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