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The M-Audio M-Track Solo 2 Channel USB Interface is a great choice for any artist, engineer or producer that wants to achieve the finest results possible. The perfect blend of power and performance, the Solo allows you to record absolutely any audio signal.


Take advantage of the combi-jack input to capture audio using your favourite guitar, bass or microphone. With a generous 54dB of gain, you'll be able to utilise your favourite ribbon and low-output dynamic microphones, without worrying about introducing hiss or preamp noise. The stereo line input also allows you to easily integrate keyboards, synths and drum machines into your set-up.


Thanks to USB power, you'll be able to use the Solo anywhere without the need for an additional power supply. Simply connect it to your laptop and you're good to go. The interface's durable build allows it to withstand the rigours of continued use whilst still delivering reliable results, time after time. What's more, the wide range of plugins on offer provides something for every creative type to ensure you hit the ground running.

M-Audio M-Track Solo 2 Channel USB Interface

    • Two-channel USB recording interface for Mac and PC
    • Combi-jack input provides exceptional quality sound reproduction
    • Optimised direct recordings via dedicated instrument input
    • Versatile monitoring possibilities thanks to headphone and RCA outputs

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